Tuesday, 1 September 2015

City Ideas Studio: Nature

Knitted hedgehogs by Knitiffi

We are now over half way through our second City Ideas Studio residency, Nature. We've had many visitors enjoy our exhibition so far, learning all about projects helping Bristol and the surrounding area become a nature-rich landscape and how we can all get involved. It's been a busy time so far in the gallery, with it being the summer holidays, on one Wednesday we welcomed 70 families and 150 children into our gallery!

There are plenty of things to explore and get involved with at our Nature residency including:

  • Explore our touch screen, organised into the five European Green Capital themes. Learn about our previous exhibitions, projects and organisations that are exploring solutions for a sustainable future, we’re gradually adding all our City Ideas Studio content onto the touch screen so have a read up on our previous residencies.
  • Share what’s happening in your local area on our map, or share your ideas on what we can do to support a nature-rich landscape on a comment disc.
  • Learn about Avon Wildlife Trust’s #MyWildCity project, view the Parkhive app on our tablet and see Tom Poulsom, professional LEGO artist's nature creations that are on display.
  • Look closely at our Insect Hotel and see what insects you can see living in the cracks and crevices.
  • Join in on our family activity and design your own wild pavilion, with the chance to be entered into our competition to win two green poetry books by Martin Kiszko, illustrated by Nick Park.
  • Read Andrew Grant’s keynote provocation Human:Nature and learn more about ecological and sustainable landscape design.

Some comments we’ve received on our Nature residency so far include:

  • Fantastic making table! Grandchildren (five and three) loved it. Inspirational, quality displays with so much to learn and do. Helping older generation inspire children. Thank you so much!
  • This was very informative!
  • Loving it! I love all this stuff and the knitted animals!
  • This is amazing! Inspiring and educational. I'm going to make a nature hotel in Glagow now!

Get involved with our upcoming nature events:

Visit our Nature residency before the 13th September. We will be launching our third City Ideas Studio residency, Resources, on the 23rd of September.

For information about other Architecture Centre events, please visit:

Parkhive app

Insect Hotel by Avon Wildlife Trust

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