Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Food: The organisations involved

A city like Bristol, known for its vibrant foodie scene, has as many organisations working to improve the production, supply, cooking and eating of food as you'd expect. Maybe more.

When programme manager Rob Gregory and exhibitions and events curator Jodie Marks began pulling together the content for the first of the five City Ideas Studio exhibitions, they looked at global research from pioneers such as CJ Lim. They also spoke to plenty of well known Bristol organisations specialising in various aspects of food, and those operating well off the mainstream radar alike.

Here, we introduce you to the groups that are showcasing their work within the Food exhibition:

C J Lim

CJ Lim has over 20 years experience in the design of the built environment. Winner of the 2006 Royal Academy of Arts London Summer Exhibition Grand Architecture Prize, he is also the Professor of Architecture and Cultural Design at the Bartlett, University College London.
Lim is author of Food City. Published in 2014, the book addresses the frameworks of over 25 international cities through the medium of food and how the city is governed. It then explores how a secondary infrastructure could function as a living environmental and food system operating as a sustainable stratum over the city of London.

Good Food Plan 

The Good Food Plan for Bristol is a vision for an achievable future in which the city is truly sustainable, known for the vibrancy and diversity of its food culture, and for a food system which is good for people, places and the planet. Visible and celebrated in every corner, fresh, seasonal, local, organic and fairly traded food that is tasty, healthy and affordable would be available to all. City-dwellers of every age and from every background develop skills in growing and cooking, and are practically involved in creating a positive and inclusive food culture in their own communities.

Bristol Food Network

Bristol Food Network supports, informs and connects individuals, community projects, organisations and businesses who share a vision to transform Bristol into a sustainable food city, taking its wider objectives from A Good Food Plan for Bristol (above).

Food Connections

Bristol Food Connections is a unique, citywide food festival (1-9 May) that celebrates Bristol’s diverse food culture and community. Visitors of all ages will be taken on a journey through the city to discover and enjoy new foods, eateries, discussions and opportunities.

Grow Bristol

Grow Bristol is a new urban farming enterprise developing, demonstrating and delivering innovative and sustainable ways of growing food in the city spaces of Bristol for the benefit of all its inhabitants and the wider world.

The Fish Project aquaponics

Bristol Fish Project is a community-supported aquaponics farm in Bristol experimenting with the commercial viability of urban aquaponic farming, to explore how aquaponic farming can help to close urban material loops, and to build community through innovative, collaborative local food systems.

Incredible Edible

Incredible Edible Bristol is a community food growing movement inspired by the global urban edible and food sovereignty movements and the Incredible Edible Todmorden story, bring together the citizens of Bristol to grow food – and community – in underused and loved spaces.

Kitchen on Prescription

Kitchen on Prescription aims to make the provision of healthy eating and cooking courses at community training kitchens part of mainstream healthcare – where GPs refer patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and obesity to a local healthy-eating cooking course.

FareShare South West

FareShare South West is an independent franchise of the national charity, FareShare, working with the food industry to minimise fit-for-purpose fresh, frozen and long-life food going to waste, and send this food into organisations working with the most vulnerable people in the community.

Food Route

Food Route redistributes food that is destined for landfill to community groups and charities that can use the food to feed people in myriad ways.

The Matthew Tree Project FOODTURES

FOODTURES is a sustainable city-wide plan to fight the underlying causes of poverty, improve health and connect communities. FOODTURES is a pioneering initiative that has the potential to provide a real step-change for society in addressing local, healthy food, teaching people new skills, providing qualifications, creating jobs, and transforming communities. .

Chelsea Fringe

The Chelsea Fringe in Bristol (16 May - 7 June) is a festival for everyone who’s interested in gardens and gardening, community growing initiatives and having a bit of fun.

Bristol Food Producers

Bristol Food Producers is a new endeavor, funded through the Bristol Green Capital strategic fund, to help to support the scaling up of the local food system in Bristol.

Trinity Art Centre: Grow It Cook It Eat It project

A project chosen by the community for the community, Grow It, Cook It, Eat It is funded by the European Green Capital for the Easton and Lawrence Hill areas to get excited about growing, cooking and enjoying healthy food together.

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